Superior Website Hosting

Interpace combines state-of-the-art technology, direct Internet backbone access and affordability to provide you with the best hosting solutions available. Whether your business is looking for a basic inexpensive website, or wants to support a database-driven e-commerce storefront, Interpace offers a hosting plan that will fit your needs.

Hosting on the Internet has become ruled by huge companies with large server farms. As one of their customers you become a number and wait on their customer-service lines whenever your server has an issue or your website crashes. Interpace makes it our mission to provide you with superior website hosting. You are not a number to us, but rather a real person. Our servers are located right here in the Northwoods. This means we have immediate response if any problems arise.

Hosting with us is more than just paying for space on a server. We provide you with real quality that can help your website grow. Please contact us at the email address listed below so we can give you a personalized quote: